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Two Suspects Arrested Near Congo For Kaweesi Murder

IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura yesterday at the late Kaweesi’s burial said that security officials arrested two of the suspected assassins that gunned down the AIGP just outside his home in Kulambiro.

The two men were caught before they made their escape at the Congo border. They are currently being held for interrogation by the Uganda Police.

He also went on to mention that several other arrests were made in connection to the murders and they wouldn’t rest until all the people responsible are brought to justice.


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Gen. Kale Kayihura said, “Many say Kayihura is not sleeping, I’m not sleeping, I will not sleep until we have all the people responsible”

The CMI, ISO, several other internal agencies supported by the FBI (their involvement is still unclear) are all working with Uganda Police to ensure that this case is closed and those behind the murders are caught.

It is a tough one to crack since the mode of execution is similar to that of the fallen sheikhs, Ms. Kagezi, businessmen with the exception that the AIGP was shot more than 30 times. This has paused the police from yet connecting all the previous murders to these hitmen.

Two Suspects Arrested Near Congo For Kaweesi Murder 1

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