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IGP Kale Kayihura Confirmed Mafia in Army & Police

There is no error in what you just read, Besigye recently said there is a Mafia State in Uganda after AIGP Andrew Kaweesi was brutally gunned down outside his home in broad day light but so did IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura.


“There is a mafia state killing men of honor and Ugandans should be afraid, I am personally sad because of what has happened and the way it has happened. The kind of confidence clearly shows that the killers are not casual criminals who just hired guns. The mafia groups have relations with government”


Besigye said relating the Ugandan Mafia to the government since they are extremely fearless when assassinating high ranking officials.

Col Kizza Besigye Uganda Mafia State - Spur Magazine

However before even Besigye made this assertion this year, the Inspector General of Police, General Kale Kayihura had already confirmed this in December, 2016 as quoted in a piece in the Daily Monitor.

Gen. Kayihura said that a mafia outfit had infiltrated Uganda’s security and intelligence agencies and was using their elaborate networks to commit “sophisticated crimes”, including financial frauds in collusion with employees of banks.

At the time the IGP regretted not having warned the people earlier, but due to the worsening of the situation and possibility of citizens losing their money through cyber crime he felt it was about time to reveal the information.


Arrested: Two Suspects Believed to be the Killers of the Late AIGP, Andrew Kaweesi


He went on to say that these people have informers at most financial institutions, who provide them up-to-date information on clients with a lot of money on their bank accounts, and in security circles, which shield them.


“This is how mafias work. They have their people everywhere, these conmen involve our security personnel. We have arrested some. They have infiltrated the police. They have infiltrated the military. They have infiltrated everywhere; that is why I call it mafia-like because that is how mafias work.” Gen. Kayihura said at a press conference.


A few other officials have tried to come out about the Ugandan Mafia before but we probably always never gave it much attention. In 2005, Gilbert Bukenya, then VP said that he was being fought by a criminal network similar to the “mafia”.

The Ugandan Mafia are not only after government officials or rich people but also foreign nationals and investors. Such as the case of Deniel Weldo, an Eritrean national who was doing business in South Sudan before he was allegedly abducted by Ugandans from Kampala before being killed hundreds of kilometres across the border in Kenya.

It is believed the attackers were told by their bank informants that he had Shs7.4 billion (€2million) on his account. Some of the suspects arrested included a UPDF captain and employees from two big banks.

It doesn’t end there but there are also cases of senior military officials allegedly conning arms suppliers from Poland into fake multi-billion shillings deals.

After the recent killings of several high profile officials and revelations from top Ugandan public figures like these, we officially confirm the existence of the Ugandan Mafia. If you are their target or pose a threat to their operations, they will stop at nothing to ruthlessly silence you.

Read some of the excerpts here in detail on the December 206 story at Daily Monitor.

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