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Uganda to Stop Importing Cars From India


Vice-President Hamid Ansari visited Uganda on 21 February, 2017 in honour of Mahatma Ghandi and held bilateral talks with the President Yoweri Museveni on the first official day of his visit from Rwanda.

They agreed to work together on vocational training, space technology and peaceful use of atomic energy while at the State house in Entebbe.

Mr. Museveni warned Indian automobile/vehicle manufacturers that Uganda would soon stop importing their assembled vehicles. He encouraged them to assemble them in Uganda so as to create jobs for the locals.


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Mr. Ansari admitted India was benefiting from the trade more than Uganda with Indian exports to Uganda estimated at shs1.2 trillion ($326.67 million) compared to Ugandan exports to India at shs167.3 billion ($46.7 million) this year.


“It is true that bilateral trade is in favour of India, but that will now change. I have already held talks with Volvo to move their assembly plant from Mombasa (Kenya) to Uganda, and have also initiated talks with Mercedes. In today’s talks, I have asked Vice-President Ansari to alert Indian automobile manufacturers that they can get in early,”  – President Museveni said in his press statement

According to The Hindu; India exports pharmaceuticals, bicycles, bicycle parts, car parts, motorcycles, tyres and agro-processing machinery to Uganda.

President Museveni also talked about the expulsion of Indians that was a mistake by the government then and how he has wooed most of them back to invest in the country like Mehta and Madhvani.


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