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Ugandan Kids Turning Blind

New reports have been presented that show about 18,000 children in Uganda are blind, according to recent research finding by the Sightsavers Uganda.

According to New Vision, Dr Johnson Ngorok, the Country Director of Sightsavers gave a worrying report on Tuesday during  the closing ceremony of the Implementation of the ‘Seeing is Believing Child Eye Health Project at the Speke Resort Hotel Munyonyo.

“During Standard Chartered sponsored five-year initiative of the Seeing is believing campaign that was launched to carry out the initiative of making significant advances towards the elimination of blinding Trachoma across the country, we found that the number is alarming,” Ngorok said.

“Cataract can be corrected with an operation. We also found that 2% children had reflective error and needed glasses to stay in school,” Ngorok emphasized.

Dr Naome Nsubuga of the Brien Holden Vision Institute, warned parents to be cautious and not ignore eye problems to save the sight of their children.

“When you realize your child tearing, eyes are red, he or she scratches the eyes, it is best you take them for early screening to save them the blindness where it can be corrected, “Nsubuga said.

According to Minister of Health Ruth Aceng speech, “Nearly 90% of the affected population lives in the rural areas and two thirds are women and girls are affected by blindness. It puts an increased social and economic strain to the affected individual,”.

Clearly with such shocking results, it begs one to wonder whether the government is already fully aware of this troubling situation or they chose to ignore it all together.

With such an alarming report with so many kids going blind, there should a larger budget allocated to the health sector to help combat Trachoma and also help children in danger of going completely blind.

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