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Kanyamunyu’s Blood Samples Are Dirty

Kanyamunyu, his brothers and his Burundian girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari have been facing hot fire since the murder of Akena took place and now again in more hot soup has Kanyamunyu refuses to present blood samples.

Since the shooting of Akena, a number of questions arose during the court hearing like why there was no victim’s blood in Kanyamunyu’s car in which he was reportedly transported to the hospital following the shooting.

Everything feels so off and suspicious and we are not sure what really transpired in the shooting of our dear brother but this case has a lot bad blood written allover it.

However, Police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi on the 20th-November said this was possible because the bullet did not go through Akena.

“The bullet did not come out. It remained in his (Akena’s) body,” Mr Kaweesi said in a televised interview with NTV.

Whatever went down during that night of the shooting, and who is to blame and probably what parties are involved in what seems like a cover up, will live to tell an interesting story.

Kanyamunyu's Blood Samples Are Dirty 1
Akena, the victim of the shooting.

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Kanyamunyu's Blood Samples Are Dirty 2

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