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Video Exposes Ugandan Pastor Beating His Ushers Over Miracle Stick


A Ugandan pastor who is a self-claimed prophet of a Hoima-based church was captured live on video this week beating his ushers to a pulp after they failed to tell him where his miracle stick was.

Prophet Denis Kintu, a lead pastor at Empowerment City Church based in Hoima was so furious that he resorted to beating his own ushers over something many would consider very minor and trivial.

According to the reports, Mr Kintu was pissed after he realised he couldn’t find his so-called miracle stick and when he asked his church ushers to find out where it was, they couldn’t do so. In response, he resorted to violence by beating his beloved ushers.

The shocking video which was shared online shows the pastor acting like one of those angry teachers as he relentlessly called his ushers to lie down and receive their canes for losing his miracle stick. We don’t know whether the stick possesses some sort of power but it sure caused a lot of trouble for the dear ushers that day.

In the video, Prophet Kintu says: “Every usher, come here. Come, come, come.” He then starts beating the ushers who had been told to lie down. “This is not even a stick. You, you. Bring me my stick,” he added and he continued his reign of kibokos (canes).

He is later heard telling one of the ushers to go because he had already beaten them. “You, I already finished with you.” Another usher follows suit and lies down on the floor to receive their fair share of the canes.

Pastor Denis Kintu Badly Wanted His Miracle Stick Back

Reports further state that Pastor Kintu was very unhappy about the loss of his miracle stick which is why he felt it was necessary to administer some discipline. He also stated that he was following Jesus’ example.

What surprises most of us is how the people attending the service that day looked on as the pastor continued to beat his ushers without any of them even lifting a finger or standing up against the harsh treatment of his followers.

Pastor Kintu is also heard in the video saying: “If any of you don’t receive my canes, I don’t want to see you around this church ever and I don’t expect any of you to touch a microphone again.” Talk about comedy gone wrong. Mr Kintu is also heard demanding they bring back his miracle stick or else he will beat them until his miracle stick is recovered.

The sad part is that this is not the first incident where church leaders have been reported for committing weird and disturbing acts within Uganda and to top it off, it seems the followers in these churches are either brainwashed or blindly playing a part in these acts.

Today, the pastor was remanded by the Hoima magistrate court after Police in Hoima City arrested him.  Kintu was arrested with nine other people including the church deputy Pastor and the Head of Communications. The deputy resident District commissioner for Hoima West Hassan Kasibante said the police are collecting statements from the followers.


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