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Sony Is Planning Something Big For The PS5 Soon


While a good number of us are still struggling to get a PS5, reports suggest that Sony is already working on dropping a new model very soon.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been reported to be registering a new PlayStation 5 model with the new design certification already approved by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in April with what appears to be a new ‘CFI-1200’ series model listed on the specification.

The current PS5 was launched under the model number ‘CFI-1XXX’ which has been noted to be the naming scheme used by Sony to identify its consoles. Reports also state that the gaming company is adding updated radio equipment needed to meet the latest radio and wireless communication equipment standards.

DigiTimes, a Taiwanese business site, last year reported that a PS5 hardware redesign was in the works that would see a “new semi-customised” 6nm CPU from AMD be included in any upgrade. Hopefully, the new design is a little thinner and smaller compared to the current huge model.

Based on Sony’s history of releasing new PlayStation consoles, we expect the new model to either come out later towards the Christmas holiday or maybe even next year depending on how the economy rolls.

Sony working on a new PS5 model

The PS5 has so far made around 19 million sales since its launch in November 2020, and Sony is expected to take advantage of this momentum by dropping new updates and designs along the way of its cycle before the PS6 replaces it.

In 2021, Sony revealed some updates that made changes to the PS5 which included reducing the weight of the original PS5 model alongside adding a thumbscrew so users could install the base stand without the need for a screwdriver.

The newest model might make its way to store shelves in Japan in a few months before then rolling out to Europe, Australia and then the US, if history is anything to go by. Sony also recently rolled out a major free PS5 update that includes VRR support to improve graphics across a variety of games.

For those still hunting for PS5s, we recommend you wait a bit longer to get one until Sony makes up its mind on the final models. Plus, you stand a chance of taking advantage of any new hardware updates added to the upcoming models once released.

If you can’t wait, then go ahead and try your luck getting one. Some stores and dealerships are always stocking up when they can. Or you can take part in a duel where you fight to the death in order to get one. Just kidding. 😂😅


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