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UK Police Shoot Terrorist and Lockdown Parliament

Several shots went off in London outside the Houses of Parliament as UK Police shot a suspected terrorist who stabbed a police officer with a knife.

Many eye witnesses claim the man drove a grey Hyundai i40 across Westminster Bridge knocking down several people who were seen lying down in the road and on the pavements after.

The attacker then crashed the car into the rails and ran through the gates of the Palace of Westminster. He stabbed a police officer before he was shot making his way to the second.

It is estimated that at least three police officers are injured, several people are terribly hurt and the assailant has been transferred to hospital after medics quickly attended to him and other people in the palace and on the bridge.


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The Houses of Parliament have been suspended, West Minister is on lockdown and a lot of people are in fear as they retell how they experienced the horrid experience.

Scotland yard and police are treating this as an act of terror until proven otherwise and an investigation has already begun.



UK Police Shoot Terrorist and Lockdown Parliament 1

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