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5 Benefits of Energy Management Systems in 2022


As energy prices continue to climb, building and property owners want to maximize the efficiency of their whole infrastructure to minimize their environmental impact while increasing income. One potential answer for building owners is implementing an energy management system that enables them to measure, monitor, and regulate their facility’s energy use.

We will now examine the following important advantages of an energy management system in further detail:

The Benefits of Energy Management Systems to the Environment

1. An eminently manageable carbon footprint

Your property’s carbon footprint is the entire quantity of greenhouse gasses created by our activities and is directly related to the energy used. According to demand response, having a system to monitor and regulate this may help identify areas where your energy system might be modified to have a lower environmental effect.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that the building and construction sectors account for 30% of world energy consumption and almost 40% of global carbon emissions. As governments throughout the globe seek ways to decrease total emissions, energy-saving methods will be more critical than ever, with research indicating that smart energy controls such as Energy Management Systems can cut global building energy usage by 10% by 2040.

2. Cuts costs

Healthcare institutions, industrial plants, and commercial buildings are the largest energy users. Additionally, the rising usage of cloud technology and the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) have resulted in significant growth in the number of data centers worldwide. The facilities, as mentioned above, use a significant quantity of power, resulting in significant energy expenditures.

BEMS monitors maintain and regulate energy services in plants and buildings intelligently by balancing environmental conditions, energy consumption, and operational needs.

For instance, by comprehending how a data center operates, next-generation BEMS may determine best practices that will assist in reducing expenses and the likelihood of downtime without jeopardizing an organization’s IT assets. BEMS cuts energy usage and costs by roughly 25% in healthcare institutions.

Along with immediate savings on energy bills, BEMS may also assist in lowering carbon emissions levies, further lowering expenses.

3. Enhanced control

By delivering essential data on your power distribution assets and network, an EMS enables better management of your power system and facility. It offers predictive maintenance via notifications that notify you when potentially problematic equipment is about to fail. That is superior to doing an emergency repair while disgruntled neighbours or clients wait in the dark or your operations grind to a halt.

Backup power systems for facilities are significantly less likely to encounter an outage. However, almost every maintenance professional can remember turning on a backup system and discovering it did not function as planned. An EMS adds another degree of dependability in this case by continually monitoring the components of your backup power system, ensuring they are ready when required.

5 Benefits of Energy Management Systems in 2022 | Spurzine

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Power concerns are expensive and risky in some sectors, such as mining and heavy manufacturing. Increased power dependability equates to an improvement in both human and equipment safety.

4. Increase overall happiness and productivity

If a person feels uncomfortable in their surroundings, they will be unmotivated to work. Thus, temperature control and illumination are critical for productivity. With an EMS, you can control the interior temperature while conserving energy and maintaining enough lighting with minimum lighting.

This enhances one’s general well-being and productivity. Similarly, ensuring proper ventilation, lighting, and temperature limits the growth of mould and germs, hence lowering the risk of disease.

5. Enhanced Brand Image

Including an energy management system in your company or facility may help boost your brand’s image among prospective investors and other critical stakeholders. Businesses worldwide are showcasing their efforts to improve their environmental stewardship, and implementing an energy management system might be a smart place to start.

Making this adjustment is not limited to large businesses, as many small and medium-sized businesses are seeing the value of adopting energy-saving processes. People are increasingly seeking affiliation with enterprises that are contributing to the earth’s health, as seen by their yearly growth rate of 15% in comparison to rivals.

Wrapping Up

A cost-effective alternative is to install an energy management system. These systems may be customized to match your specific needs while conserving energy. This is the appropriate answer for whether you want to save on operating expenses or lower your carbon footprint.


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