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Learn How Easy It Can Be Save On Power Costs and Energy


Saving energy in a commercial building can be an easy and cost-effective way to reduce your monthly energy costs. It sounds strange, but it’s true. To save money and keep the environment and your company’s image healthy, consider upgrading your facility’s lighting fixtures and switching from incandescent to fluorescent lights. Here are some simple steps you can take to save energy in your commercial building:

1. Install Energy Efficient Lighting

Installing LED or CFL lighting is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to save energy in a commercial building. These types of lights consume up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, and they last much longer too. They use little to no electricity and can be slowly dimmed to save even more energy. Even if you only replace a few fixtures with these lights, it will help to reduce your utility bills.

2. Utilize Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats allow you to program temperatures for different times throughout the day, so you can save energy when the building is not in use. You can also control the thermostat remotely from your smartphone or computer. It’s easy to program and can save you a significant amount of cash every month. Some smart thermostats will even slightly turn the heat up or down while you are away on vacation, saving even more money.

3. Install a Programmable Ventilation System

An energy-saving ventilation system can make your commercial building more comfortable, and it can save energy as well. Energy-efficient systems allow fresh air to enter your office while stale air is sucked out of the building properly. These systems work very quietly and can be programmed to operate at certain times during the day, so you can save energy while maintaining comfort.

4. Perform Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your commercial building is one of the energy-efficient solutions and the easiest ways to reduce energy loss, save money, and maintain the health of your building. It’s important to perform regular lighting and ventilation maintenance, but you can also reinstall ceiling fans and replace broken light bulbs in your office easily with a socket wrench. You can lower your monthly power bill by preventing small issues from becoming larger problems.

5. Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Replacing old, inefficient appliances with newer, energy-efficient models can significantly reduce your monthly energy costs. Look for appliances with an Energy Star rating to ensure they’re using as little energy as possible. Energy Star-rated appliances use the same power as older models but are far more efficient and will last much longer.

6. Utilize Natural Light

Open up curtains and blinds during the day to take advantage of natural light instead of relying on artificial lighting. This will reduce energy usage and make your office space brighter and more inviting. Natural light creates a healthier environment for your employees and will help reduce your utility bills over time.

7. Reuse and Recycle

Recycling old files, office supplies, paper, plastic bottles, and electronic waste can significantly impact energy saving in commercial buildings. Properly disposing of this waste will help to decrease methane emissions while saving you money at the same time. For instance, changing the type of paper you use and purchasing recycled electronics ensures that you’re making responsible choices for your employees, the environment, and your company.

8. Utilize a Pre-Heating System

A pre-heating system will make sure that the air temperature in your building is comfortable before you arrive for work. In colder climates, pre-heating will help keep your office space warm and cosy. This will reduce the energy you need to use each month and keep your employees from feeling chilled in the winter months.

9. Install Insulation

Making sure your building is properly insulated is important for reducing energy costs. Check the insulation in your walls, ceilings, and floors to ensure it’s up to date. This will help keep your building warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which can reduce energy usage significantly. For instance, saving insulation will help your air conditioning system to work less often, so you won’t need to spend as much on your utility bills.


By following these simple steps, you can easily reduce the amount of energy used in your commercial building and save money on monthly energy costs. Not only that, but you’ll be doing your part to help the environment too!


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