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Top 4 Chatbots for Your WordPress Website

Chatbots are simple yet quite advanced artificial intelligence software that assists users on a website with queries or issues. Chatbots are becoming popular among website makers and users alike. They are used as a means of providing instant support channel for website users.

Meaning they can give faster support and responses to any questions a visitor might pose. For instance, recruitment agencies can use chatbots to solve any issues an applicant may face while applying for a job or while creating a profile.

4 Best Chatbot Plugins for your WordPress Website

You might be thinking, “Do I have to add a chatbot to my WordPress website?”. Well, to be honest, chatbots are not necessary for all websites. Having said that, we can’t deny their usefulness because chatbots can certainly make things easier and more efficient for some businesses. Here are the top 4 chatbots you can use for your WordPress website.

#1. IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant is a chatbot that stems from IBM’s artificial intelligence assistant. It is considered one of the most effective and powerful chatbot plugins out there. It is capable of performing all the functions a chatbot is supposed to. For example, assisting users with information, answering questions, helping visitors navigate the site, and so on.

The best part is that you can customize its programming and appearance while integrating it into your WordPress website.

#2. provides a refreshing and different user experience for chatbot builders and users alike. Its services are very easy to use, presenting it as an excellent option for even those chatbot builders who have no prior experience in development. utilizes the simple conversation flow system with readily available customization options to give it a personal touch.

Not only that, its user interface is pretty stylish than most of the other available chatbots. It also allows you to use GIFs in your queries or responses. Even though its response and support system are not as extensively developed as some of the other chatbots, like the IBM Watson Assistant, it is still a great choice for its simplistic and fun user experience.


This particular chatbot allows you to collect information from the website visitors that can be used to improve your website’s overall user experience. It also helps minimize the gap between WordPress chatbot plugin service and the third-party chatbot builders. It can be useful, especially if you are doing e-commerce using the WordPress website, as it assists users in making their purchase.

#4. Botsify

The special feature of Botsify is called the Human Handover. It is quite useful, especially in cases where the chatbot’s limited help is unable to resolve a user’s problem. It presents its users with the option where they can ask for a human representative to take over.

Botsify uses conversational flow diagrams which allow you to program it using stories or different scenarios. This way, the chatbot presents quick responses when it is triggered by certain words. Botsify also responds to certain patterns or phrases, in addition to the traditional keyword triggers. This feature makes it stand out from other chatbots currently available in the market.


You may have come across a chatbot on a site that you visited. Or, you may have even interacted with one without realizing it. But now you know what they are and how useful can they be for a business in today’s highly competitive digital world.

Although the progress of currently available chatbots in the market is quite impressive, they may not replace human support agents any time soon. So, if you are a business that caters to heavy traffic and customer interaction, always keep a back-up plan. Do not eliminate the human factor completely!

The experience of using a chatbot heavily depends on the purpose of its use. Chatbots can be useful for certain business websites, such as e-commerce, IT staffing agencies, and many other internet-based service providers.

Before you install any chatbot on your WordPress site, it would be best to consider the reason why you want to use a chatbot and what advantage will it bring. Once you are clear about the purpose of your chatbot, it would help you narrow down the best fit for your website.


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