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Microsoft Makes An Actual Functional Xbox Series X Fridge

When Microsoft first revealed the Xbox Series X, gamers went crazy with all sorts of memes and jokes about how their new generation console looked like a fridge and it seems the big tech company has embraced the humour quite well.

Microsoft took it upon itself by going further than we expected and has created an actual fridge that looks exactly like the new Xbox Series X console which is launching soon.

This fridge is a 1:1 scale replica of the Xbox Series X, measuring more than six feet tall and weighing 400 pounds. It even has an Xbox logo at the front that lights up, and the Xbox Series X boot sound fires up when you use the disc drive slot to open the fridge door.

If that doesn’t impress you much, you should know that the fridge itself actually glows green in colour inside, symbolizing the company’s theme for its consoles over the years. We can’t fully express how cool this is.

Photos began floating around online showing Snoop Dogg standing aside his own Xbox Series X fridge while holding a controller in his hand. The news has drawn a lot of attention from the gamer community who now see it as a must-have for their homes.

Microsoft has valued the fridge at $499 (UGX 1,864,047), which is the same price as the Xbox Series X though you won’t be able to purchase one as the company is giving it away in a competition, with a winner being picked on November 4th.

Microsoft builds an actual Xbox Series X fridge

Last week, Microsoft delivered one of these special fridges to Snoop Dogg who is a well known Xbox fan as he has owned the company’s consoles for years. He is also very vocal whenever the Xbox Live service goes down.

Microsoft Makes An Actual Functional Xbox Series X Fridge | Spurzine
Snoop Dogg and his Xbox Series X fridge.

The fridge does exactly what it is intended to do, and that’s keeping your foodstuffs and all other items cool. The cool thing about it though is that it comes in an Xbox themed style with cool sound effects added to it too.

The fridge also has its own world premiere trailer that showcases what it does and what the lucky winners are to expect if they get a chance take one back home.

In ads and promotions, Microsoft calls the new console the “fastest, most powerful Xbox ever.” General Manager of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg has been retweeting posts about the refrigerator, jokingly calling it the “fastest, most powerful fridge.”


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