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Young Aspiring Rapper Brain Trotter Found Dead In Car Boot


This year has truly been like hell with a good number of rappers losing their lives. The most recent incident involves aspiring rapper Brain Trotter, whose body was found by the US police in the boot of a car after a crash on a highway in Miami.

According to reports by BBC, the Florida Highway Patrol officers discovered the body of 25-year-old hip hop artist Brian Trotter in a car boot after being called to the site of the collision.

The driver, 25-year-old Robert Deupree Avery Coltrain, has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder and illegal transport of human remains. An autopsy showed Trotter was fatally shot multiple times.

Officers have not suggested a motive for the killing. Mr Coltrain has been friends with Trotter – known by the rap name Kent Won’t Stop – for more than a decade. A police report said highway patrolmen were called to the site of the car crash on the Palmetto Expressway in Miami on Sunday.

They towed the vehicle – a 2009 Silver Acura – to a nearby car park, but became suspicious after noticing buzzing flies and a rotting smell. Inside the boot, they found the body “wrapped in a piece of fabric and in an advanced stage of decomposition”.

Trotter was last seen on 17 October leaving his home in Triangle, Virginia along with Coltrain. Since then, the rapper had been off the grind for a while until recently when his body was discovered.

The autopsy showed that Brain Trotter had been fatally shot multiple times

Whatever happened between the 17 to 27 October leaves a dark tale that is yet to be revealed. When Trotter left his home along with Coltrain that day, who would have imagined that the young rapper would be found dead several days later.

There could also be a possibility that the car crash was meant to cover up the murder and make it look like an accident or, Coltrain was just unlucky to find himself in an incident as he was driving to what could have been a burial location.

The news of Trotter’s death sent shock waves across the rapper community. Friends had set up a Facebook page “Find Kent Won’t Stop” when the musician disappeared. The rapper had been missing for a week and a half when police found his body.

Brian’s dad remembered the tender moment he had last seen his son who told him he was going to Washington, D.C. to “take pictures”.

“I told him, ‘I love you,’ and he said, ‘I love you,’” he told The Miami Herald.


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