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Nintendo to Release a Clock That Can Play Super Mario Bros

The week has been a busy one for the tech industry more especially the console market, as PS5 and Xbox Series X made their debut launches but Nintendo is taking a rather bold and different move altogether unlike its competitors.

As Sony and Microsoft prepare for a console battle that sees both their devices bring ray-tracing and quick-loading SSDs to the current generation of consoles, Nintendo is getting ready to release a clock that plays Super Mario Bros.

Okay, I understand what you’re thinking right now, why isn’t Nintendo taking a similar route as Sony and Microsoft with their new consoles but the truth is, the Japanese company has a long history of doing whatever the f#ck it what’s without following the status quo.

It is this exact way of doing things that enabled it to have top sales for some of its devices such as the Switch, which by the way was the bestselling console in the US for 23 straight months according to data from the NPD Group.

The Nintendo Switch had its best sales period this previous October, moving over 735,926 units of both the Switch and Switch Lite in the US alone, which goes ahead to show that console maker still has a loyal fan base.

The new Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. is an exceptionally good looking piece of hardware and was modelled after the classic Game & Watch handheld — the precursor to the Game Boy — with a colour scheme inspired by the original Japanese Famicom console.

In terms of functionality, the device is incredibly straightforward. It has three built-in games, most notably the first SMB game. There’s also Super Mario Bros. 2, better known in the West as The Lost Levels, a truly evil sequel that remixes the first game with devious features like killer mushrooms. Rounding out the lineup is Ball, a simple-yet-surprisingly-fun version of the 1980 LCD juggling game, this time starring Mario.

Nintendo to reveal a clock with Super Mario Bros

The Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. device dawns a nice and bright screen with a simple D-pad. Apart from that, it comes with a cool save feature that allows players to pause the game and return back to the same spot whenever they want.

Aside from playing games, the handheld device is also a watch. When one presses the face buttons, it simply reads the time and pushing it will bring back a Super Mario-themed clock with the plumber running and jumping across classic Mushroom Kingdom locales. The in-game time of day even changes along with the real world.

This may not be what some Nintendo fans were expecting for this year’s next generation of consoles but it simply reminds us that the Japanese company has its own of doing things, unlike its other major players.

The Nintendo Game & Watch brings to table a simple form of functionality and nostalgia for those diehard fans though, it may not be something you need right now but it’s definitely something you want to have if you get my point.

Even though we respect Nintendo for its out of the box ideas, it’s single-minded nature of doing things is one of the reasons why it often suffers a lot failure when it comes to competing with the likes of Sony and Microsoft.

We’re not sure how long Nintendo will keep up with this momentum but we hope one day it releases a cool 4K capable Switch, which has been a long-standing rumour that is yet to become a reality.

Source: The Verge


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Nintendo to Release a Clock That Can Play Super Mario Bros 1

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