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Samsung May Launch The Galaxy S8 In April

Samsung is already making moves and wants its Galaxy S8 device out by 15 April as recent leaks coming out of the hardware firm’s home country, South Korea state.

According to reports by a Korean site ET News, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be revealed in New York at a special event which marks the date around mid-April.

The rumours also suggested there was to be an improvement on the front-facing camera with adoption of a dual-lens technology which is used by manufacturers like Huawei and Apple but the idea was later dropped during production.

It has also been suggested that the Galaxy S8 will be the first model to do away with the physical home button, allowing Samsung to fit it with a virtually edge-less display.


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There is possibility that the iris-scanning tech used in the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, will be replaced with jettison the fingerprint scanner altogether in favour of the newer biometric tech.

The Korean company may also do away with the headphone port as other manufacturers have done so as to make the phone slimmer in design.

Most of the reports haven’t yet been confirmed, but further leaks about the Galaxy S8 are expected to come out until its proposed release date around April.

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