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Uganda Makes Changes to Its Driving License Rates As New Company Takes Over


Uganda’s driving license rates have been updated with the news being welcomed by some while others feel the rates have only gotten higher than before.

The Uganda Security Printing Co. will be the new company in charge of issuing driving licenses, replacing Face Technologies which had taken on the role for a long period of time.

In 2020, the Ugandan government was supposed to award the contract to another company but ended up extending the Face Technologies contract by another year. According to the Ministry of Works and Transport at the time, the extension was to allow the incoming service provider, Uganda Security Printing Company (USPC) to remodel the facilities in preparation for take-over.

The contract of the South Africa-based company expired on November 30, 2020, and was extended till December to allow USPC the time to take over services. The decision by the government was seen as a deadly blow to Face Technologies, which many considered a terrible idea since the company had improved the permit issuance process. 

It is also reported that the tender for a new service provider was not publicly advertised as per the provisions of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets Act.  Instead, the Ministry of Works handed the contract to the new government-owned company, Uganda Security Printing Company, which is a subsidiary of the Uganda Printing and Publishing Company Ltd, as the new issuer of the permits. 

USPC officially started printing driving permits; with a call to motorists to clear their traffic penalties before flocking the new offices for permit renewal. The Uganda Driver Licensing system has been launched today at their new office location at Main Railway station on Plot 57 Nasser Road.

There has been a renaming of the document from a driver’s license to a driver’s license, which has more security features and can be used with East Africa and COMESA partner countries.

The government has added a new 5-year license tier. A one-year learner’s license costs UGX 60,000. A new driver’s license costs UGX 135,000, UGX 230,000, and UGX 330,000 for a period of 1, 3, and 5 years respectively, while driving license renewal costs UGX 130,000, UGX 210,000 and 310,000 for a period of 1, 3, and 5 years respectively.

The new Ugandan driving license rates

The driving permit rates have been remodelled and standardised according to the length of years one is willing to pay. The learner’s license has been made much more affordable with a provision for just one year.

Type of License 1 year (UGX) 3 years (UGX) 5 years (UGX)
Learner’s/Provisional 60,000
New full Driving License 135,000 230,000 330,000
Driving License Renewal 130,000 210,000 310,000
Duplicate Driving License 121,000 121,000 120,000
Class extension/class 121,000 121,000 121,000
Foreign Exchange 230,000 230,000 330,000
Text fees for each class 25,000 25,000 25,000

What we know about Uganda Security Printing Company

According to Daily Monitor, UPPC executed a Joint Venture Agreement on October 4, 2018, with Veridos GmbH and Giesecke + Devrient GmbH, a consortium individually represented by Veridos GmbH; a company incorporated under the laws of Germany.

The Joint Venture Company is called Uganda Security Printing Company Limited (USPC) and UPPC which represents the interests of the government owns 51 per cent of its shareholding while Veridos GmbH owns 49 per cent.

The Joint Venture Company executes the security printing mandate of UPPC. Progress of the implementation of the JVA and benefits arising from it is promising.

Though many Ugandans fear that the services may not be to standard as those of the previous company, Prof Tom Davis Wasswa, the managing director of Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation assured everyone that it won’t be the case and they should expect efficiency and quality work from the new team. The new venture is driven by Germany technology, he added.


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