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Nina Roz Not Happy with How Sheebah Treats Her Now

As we enter the new month, reports about Nina Roz and Sheebah Karungi not seeing eye to eye anymore have surfaced, with Roz revealing more details about why the two parted ways.

According to the Matooke Republic, Nina Roz and Sheebah were inseparable and spent most of their time together including heading out to bars and doing lots of things. They were like sisters.

However, the relationship between the two came to an end after Nina Roz started her music career. According to the Munda Dala hitmaker, Sheebah got jealous of her after started singing.

During an interview with Laila Kalanzi Kachapizo over the weekend, Roz was asked about what happened to her friendship with Sheebah and she replied that “the Queen Karma got jealous of me when I started singing”.

Sheebah was my good friend. We used to move together all the time but the beef began when I started singing. I expected her to support me on my music journey the way I used to support her but instead, she turned her back on me,” said Nina Roz.

Whether that was the real reason behind their breakup, is yet to be seen. As there were reports that the two could have been more than just friends since rumours have floated around about Sheebah’s sexuality being fluid.

There is also the possibility that her marriage to Daddy Andre could have driven them apart, given the fact that Sheebah was nowhere to be seen during the time of her friend’s union. Maybe it was more than just about music.

However, this isn’t the first time reports about their beef have surfaced. In 2020, Galaxy FM wrote about the matter revealing that their fall out started some time back before they both joined Jeff Kiwanuka’s Team No Sleep.

Nina and Daddy Andre last year tied the knot, their relationship had drawn a lot of attention from the public and media until they both surprised everyone with a wedding ceremony confirming that the two were an item. Other music artists congratulated them on their achievement but Sheebah didn’t and neither did she attend the function.

Nina Roz reveals why she and Sheebah are no longer buddies

According to Nina, she doesn’t see any problem with doing the same job as your friend and was very surprised when Sheebah stopped talking to her.

The sudden change in their relationship really hurt Roz and says she misses the days when they both did everything together and hanged out as friends. She really liked Sheebah a lot and even helped her distribute her music to deejays she said.

“I used to like Sheebah a lot, I would even distribute her music to club deejays because we were friends but when I started singing, she felt bad and even started ignoring me, stopped talking and also stopped picking up my calls. I don’t think doing a business your friend is doing can make you hate your friend. I advise Sheebah to accept that I am her fellow musician and we move on because her beefing me won’t change anything we have now grown-up people,” Nina Roz said.

It is further reported that during the time Sheebah was an upcoming artiste doing a solo thing with the girls in Makindye of the same feather, which included Nina Roz, Keko Town and others. All things fell apart when Sheebah and Keko had a fallout.

It is also said that Roz was the one responsible for the split between the two love birds though there were reports about Keko beating and abusing Sheebah at the time. The two after that become very close until later they split up with sources stating Sheebah had found someone else to hang out with and forgot about Nina which hurt her badly.

In a 2020 interview, Roz was quoted to have said: “We can no longer be friends because our issues are deep. I know she hates me so much. She needs to apologize.” She added: “they have issues that can only be solved by both of them, not anyone else.”

Sheebah is yet to respond to the comments and has remained silent about the matter. Our team reached out to her representatives but no comment from them so far.


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