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X Box One Gets New Fresh Update

​X Box One is receiving a new update soon and Microsoft is ready to test its new fluent dashboard look for the console.

X Box One insiders on the alpha ring will be the first to get access to the new dashboard update that brings to life a new fresh design.

The new interface looks better than the current version and this time around, Microsoft is focusing on the improvement of navigation speed and removing the splash screens that occur while switching sections like home to games or apps.

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X Box One Gets New Fresh Update - Spur Magazine

Microsoft has also added a customisation feature to the new fluent design elements allowing you to pin things like your favorite friends and games to home screen. The pinned games will also display your current activity feeds so that one is able to see when a friend is playing a certain game.

That’s not all, a new activity feed layout has been added giving you the ability to read comments full-screen. The user profiles, clubs and game hubs have also been received a tweak with the new UI, making them a little easier to navigate and follow.

There are still quite number of other changes in this new update apart from the UI (user interface). None the less, Microsoft has done a great job and players expect more with this update.

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