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You Won’t Believe Vinka’s Top 10 Songs in 2019

Vinka, real name Veronica Naluggya has had massive success in the music industry this year climaxing with being signed to Sony Music Africa.

That has been the buzz all year round and she didn’t stop there but also decided to drop a song every month until the year ends and she fulfilled her promise this month.

Her career in music hasn’t been without shortfalls especially with personal issues, gossip and social media. From her fall out with the musician she was formerly managing and good friend, Irene Ntale to being cyber bullied with claims that she looked like a man.

She still pulled through, fought and is one of the top Ugandan musicians this year. It is only deserving that we list Vinka’s top 10 songs in 2019 based on statistical data from YouTube and some secondary data from Howwebiz.

10. Only for You – Vinka ft. Yung6ix

Only For You by Vinka ft. Yung6ix | Spurzine

Views: 109,000 | Watch on YouTube

Release Time: 8 months ago

When Vinka released “Only for You” with the Nigerian artist who has a hard to pronounce name, Young6ix, we thought it would be a massive hit but sadly, it barely even made it to major radio and TV streaming locally let alone in Nigeria.

However, the fact that she was featuring a Nigerian artist gave it some rep enough for people to look for it and listen to or watch it. We think that is the way it managed to slip onto this list. If you are into Nigerian R&B, you might like it.

9. Yo Body – Vinka

Yo Body - Vinka | Spurzine

Views: 139,000 | Watch on YouTube

Time: 5 months

Yo body” was produced by famous Ugandan music producer Daddy Andre, you can’t help but feel like it is drifting too much towards Nigerian music. And the beat isn’t original either but Vinka tried her best to save the track with her vocals and talent.

We are actually shocked it made this Top 10 list, but who are we to go against the data and stats.

8. By the Way – Vinka (Sony)

By the Way - Vinka | Spurzine

Views: 152,000 | Watch on YouTube

Time: 1 month

One of our favourite Afropop songs this year, “By the Way” shows that Sony Africa is pushing Vinka towards the right direction by nurturing her pop talents.

It has potential to go higher up in the charts next year if it keeps being played on the waves especially radio and TV. 152,000 views in one month isn’t a bad start.

7. Koona (Oluyimba Lw’omwaka) – Vinka

Koona Oluyimba Lw’omwaka - Vinka - Spurzine

Views: 210,000 | Watch on YouTube

Time: 9 months

If we are not mistaken, “Koona” or “Oluyimba Lw’omwaka” was among Vinka’s first songs she released when she made a pledge to drop a new song every month just like Bebe Cool did.

The song was fair, it was not necessarily that much of a highlighter. We weren’t fans of the A Pass flow imitation but the beat was great. So, we are not that surprised it didn’t climb too far in the charts in 9 months.

6. Amaaso (Urban Remix) – Vinka, Winnie Nwagi, Feffe Bussi, The Mith & DJ Harold

You Won’t Believe Vinka’s Top 10 Songs in 2019 1

Views: 236,000 | Watch on YouTube

Time: 1 month

This is the “Amaaso urban remix” we were telling you about earlier. Not much changed except the addition of Feffe Bussi who was referencing lines from other popular artists either as tribute or for a lack of lines, but he pulled it off, and The Mith, dropping accent filled bars like a musummer.

If you have watched the video, you’ll realise that it is sponsored by Club with their signature blue everywhere even in people’s hair. There’s even a ka model donning a blue Club ka jumper with the words at the back and earphones with the Club logo.

It is impressive that the song has pulled 236k views in just 1 month, if promoted right, it might have potential in the next year or just die and be forgotten amidst new songs like “Midnight Drum” did.

5. Bigambo – Vinka

Bigambo - Vinka | Spurzine

Views: 281,000 | Watch on YouTube

Time: 5 months

Bigambo gives you that Afropop and Afrosoul like vibe, it reminds you of those good soothing songs we would listen to in the late 90’s to early 2000’s that were recorded with a live band. It is truly beautiful and has a deep message.

This song could one day end up being sung as a solo folk song or a cult classic, but true to the message, people will always talk, don’t give up on the one you love just ‘cause of words.

4. Sure – Vinka

Vinka Top 10 Songs in 2019 | Spurzine

Views: 300,000 | Watch on YouTube | Lyrics

Time: 6 months

This song even coined its own popular catchphrase that is still being used today, “oli ku sure”, sometimes people can refer to you as their “Sure”. Referring to someone who actually likes back and will give you ebintu with no hustle.

It is however, disappointing that even after 6 months, it only managed to pulled off a measly 300k views. We would have expected this to be in 1 million views.

3. Mapozi – Vinka

Vinka Top 10 Songs in 2019 | Spurzine

Views: 656,000 | Watch on YouTube

Time: 11 months

At number 3, there is “Mapozi as she sings about how girlfriends in today’s era want to pose for photos and selfies with their bae. It is interesting and relatable, especially when she talks about buying for the guy “Owino Versace” so he looks better than in he does in his “bisaati” alongside her mini-skirt.

Seeing that it took more than 11 months just to get to the number 3 spot, we highly doubt it will reach the number two spot before end of this month.

2. Amaaso – Winnie Nwagi & Vinka

Amaaso - Vinka and Winnie Nwagi Lyrics | Spurzine

Views: 697,000 | Watch on YouTube | Lyrics

Time: 2 months

We are guessing you didn’t even expect this song to be in Vinka’s Top 10 songs in 2019! “Amaaso” is a very good song, fusing Afrobeat and Afropop with the amazing voices of both Winnie Nwagi and Vinka.

Both were more in their element here than whenever they sing “Ki-gal-a-dem” (dancehall) music. This song was played, streamed and downloaded so many times, there is even an official remix!

1. Bebe – Inna and Vinka (Sony)

Vinka Top 10 Songs in 2019 | Spurzine

Views: 3.8 million | Watch on YouTube

Release Time: 3 weeks

Who doesn’t know the song with Romanian singer Inna that had everyone wondering if it is Vinka in the teaser video on a train? It was lit, and the song didn’t disappoint after it was released a few days later and has catapulted to be one of the most played and listened to songs this year.

And that is not all, the song “Bebe” has surpassed “Chips na Ketchup” on YouTube which is Vinka’s most watched song of all time with 2.3 million views.

Sony did a good a job on this one especially aiding Vinka to sing in French, no wonder it has been viewed more than 3.8 million times in just 3 weeks. This mosdef is Vinka’s best song of the year.

2019 has been a great year for Vinka given she just joined music a year ago in 2018, we hope she keeps up the same form in 2020.


Vinka’s Top 10 Songs in 2019:

  1. Bebe – Inna ft. Vinka (Sony)
  2. Amaaso – Winnie Nwagi & Vinka
  3. Mapozi – Vinka
  4. Sure – Vinka
  5. Bigambo – Vinka
  6. Amaaso (Urban Remix) – Vinka, Winnie Nwagi, Feffe Bussi, The Mith & DJ Harold
  7. Koona (Oluyimba Lw’omwaka) – Vinka
  8. By the Way – Vinka (Sony)
  9. Yo Body – Vinka
  10. Only for You – Vinka ft. Yung6ix


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You Won’t Believe Vinka’s Top 10 Songs in 2019 2

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