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Britney Spears Attacked by Beyonce Fans for Calling Herself ‘Queen B’

While we’re busy waiting out the lockdown, American singer Britney Spears found herself in a dark ditch after Beyonce fans slammed her for calling herself the ‘Queen B’ which didn’t sit well with many.

The Womanizer singer went to Instagram and addressed herself as Queen B, and then asked her fans to call her that from now on, which didn’t go so well as expected as many rushed to the comment section to remind her that she is not worthy of the title.

The crazy Beyhive fans, who were lurking in the shadows at the time took notice of the Instagram post and made it their personal mission to troll Britney in all kinds of ways. Telling the American sweetheart (Britney) not to compare herself with Beyonce, and not to dare steal her title either.

One could say this was just another day in ‘roast land’ as the comments on the post were savage enough to force Britney into hiding. The Instagram post that caused all the trouble read:

“To all my fans who call me Queen B. I believe this would be more accurate,” wrote Spears.

When the Bey fans read the Britney post, all bets were off as many of them continuously reminded her of how the title of Queen B was reserved only for Beyonce and that she should not come for their queen.

Britney slammed by Beyonce fans after she calls herself Queen B

The comment section was filled with some interesting characters, and we are more than glad to share some of them. According to Blendeddesigns, Spears was lying and she questioned her queendom:

Blendeddesigns: “The lies you tell!!! Queen of what?”

Theekeshia commented: “There is only one queen B and her name is BEYONCÉ. Put the crackdown and control yourself, sis”.

Jollyjabriel added: “Never heard anyone call you this.

Presssssed: “Beyoncé is the only Queen B.”

Chaneltheillest: “Girl sit down!”

timecapsule_: “I love you girl but there’s only one Queen B Still love you though.”

Some fans of Spears came out to support her claim and tried to defend her stance but it wasn’t enough to overpower the Queen B fans, who were ready to tear down doors that day and weren’t ready to accept any sort of nonsense.

For all its worth, I think Spears should have gone with ‘Spear Queen’ or maybe she could have just called herself ‘Britney the Spear’. Sounds catchy, right?

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