Grenade Loses Contract Over Homosexuality Rumors | Spurzine

Grenade Loses Contract Over Homosexuality Rumors

Grenade Official’s music career is hanging in the balance as the Ugandan star has lost his record label contract with U.K based company, Hustle Records over the never ending homosexuality rumors.

According to Big Eye, the shocking reports were released by Xclusive stating that Hustle Records music label had terminated it’s contract with Grenade just a day after one of Uganda’s top known gay men revealed he is in a relationship with him.

Grenade, who’s real names are Deus Nduggwa signed the record deal with Hustle Records back in November 2019 but now his career is taking a deep dive ever since reports about him being gay surfaced over a year ago.

We’re not sure whether Grenade is facing a witch hunt and someone is trying to ruin his name however, as they often say, “where there is smoke, there must be a fire.” We are not saying that Deus is an homosexual but it seems like there is more to the story.

Grenade Official loses contract with record label over homosexuality rumors

The question now is, is it ethical for a record label to end a music artist’s contract over the nature of his sexuality? Or its a historical trend that record labels also sign music artists based on their sexual orientation?

Being that Hustle Records is based in U.K, won’t it face backlash from the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning) community since they’re well recognised there and their rights are respected? We can’t know for sure but can only wait to see the outcome from this decision.

Grenade Loses Contract Over Homosexuality Rumors | Spurzine
The gay Ugandan man believed to be in relationship with Grenade. | Spurzine

“It is official, I have finally signed up with Hustle Records and Management as my representatives and managers. I am taking my music career to another level and handling my music business professionally.”, the post read back in 2019 on Grenade’s social media accounts when he had been signed by Hustle Records.

Some of Grenade’s followers are having mixed reactions over the all thing with some approving his sexual orientation while others condemning him for it. Will his career bounce back from this? Time will only tell.


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