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Why Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Could Top This Year

Sony Makes The Biggest Surprise Announcement At CES 2020Samsung’s next flagship phone, the Galaxy S20 could be this year’s best entry smartphone ever with a great list of features and raw power underneath it.’

If the reports coming in from the South Korean tech giant are right, the Galaxy S20 formerly known as the Galaxy S11 could be the best phone this year having a bold design and a selection of of powerful features within bundled together.

With a few weeks away from Samsung’s Unpacked event on Feb. 11 in San Francisco, a number of leaked blurry photos and specs have been hinted on online with reports pointing at the Galaxy S20 having a faster 5G connection, better cameras and a bigger battery.

Samsung’s next family of premium devices under the Galaxy S20 brand will be more targeted at mainstream consumers other than just enthusiasts who are looking for the most cutting-edge or powerful phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 could be a game changer

After so many leaks, we can now speculate that Samsung’s upcoming S20 may be a game changer. Code named Picasso, which relates to a great artist, this could be a hint to mean that the new Galaxy may have some serious tweaks to the camera.

Why Samsung's Galaxy S20 Could Top This Year | Spurzine
The next S20 camera will be more powerful than the previous models. | Spurzine

Reports also state that Samsung has decided to change branding and call the Galaxy S11e the Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S11 the Galaxy S20+ and is considering calling the Galaxy S10+ the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Samsung is expected to equip the Galaxy S20 with a 48MP telephoto lens, capable of 5x optical zoom and it will sit alongside a 48MP wide-angle lens, a ToF flight sensor and a massive 108MP primary camera on the Ultra model which uses pixel binning technology.

Apart from that, the S20 will have a similar design to the Galaxy Note 10 which hopes to push the screen to body ratio further shrinking the front camera. It will also have the newly unveiled Snapdragon 865 processor which has faster graphics rendering than the previous Snapdragon 855 in the Galaxy S10 not forgetting an upgraded LPDDR5 smartphone memory.

The S20 is also expected to have 12GB RAM with up to 16GB in the flagship Galaxy S20 Ultra. This is a huge improvement from previous models and rivals most of the Android devices in 2020 though Apple’s iPhone 12 could pack a heavier punch.

When it comes to network connectivity and bio-metrics, the S20 will come with a better 5G connection and WiFi 6. Meanwhile reports state that Samsung may not be revealing a new face ID rival but is adding a larger and better fingerprint sensor which will support two fingerprints at the same time increasing on security features.

The good and bad news is, Samsung is retaining the microSD expansion slot (though not for the entry level Galaxy S20) but the headphone jack won’t be included which sucks.

When it comes to battery life, with the addition of 5G which is expected to drain more battery, Samsung isn’t sleeping on the job either. The S20 will have 4,000 mAh, the S20+ 4,500 mAh while the Ultra model – 5,000 mAh respectively.

2020 is turning out to be the year of smartphones and with competitors like Apple’s iPhone gearing up for new releases, we’re more than excited.


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