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King Saha And Bebe Cool Beef Gets Hotter

King Saha and Bebe Cool are not seeing eye to eye anymore with recent revelations that sparked off a serious beef between the two music artists.

The reason behind the heated beef is because of Bebe Cools’s so called successful artist of the year list which he has been releasing since 2017 without fail.

Bebe’s controversial list where he shares his opinion on which music artist was most successful in the year has been pissing a lot of people especially due to his arrogant and baseless comments that surround it.

A few days ago, Bebe Cool released the 2019 list which again sparked a lot of controversy with him giving reasons as to why each of the artists mentioned on it were on it and what were their hit songs throughout 2019.

However, the beef between King Saha and Bebe got ignited when the Gagamel boss made a baseless comment in form of a warning towards the ‘Mwana Gwe’ singer.

King Saha wasn’t happy with Bebe Cool’s comment towards him making the 2019 list

Bebe didn’t explain why Saha made it to his list but instead gave him a warning which angered him.

Later, the following day Saha took to his official Facebook page firing back at Bebe accusing him of underrating him. “Thank you for supporting sir. Keeping an eye on my music yet u have yo own z really a big job” said Saha in one of his posts.

It should be noted that Bebe one time accused Saha of using drugs on national television during a recent interview which is why we aren’t surprised by ‘Biri Biri‘ singers reaction.

In response, King Saha went ahead to develop his own list titled the “Most Foolish Artists of the last decade.”

“Compiling ma list for the most Most Foolish Artists of the last decade….It’ll be ready tomorrow” said the ‘Very Well’ hit star on his official Facebook page a few days ago.

The anticipated list was later released but to everyone’s shock it was all dominated by Bebe Cool with him being referred to all kinds of nicknames like ‘Baby Kul’, ‘Kataala’, ‘Bebe Fool’, ‘Matyansi Butyampa’ among others.

Take a look at King Saha’s “Most Foolish Artists of the last decade” list;

10.Ono mwerabidde


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