Swangz Avenue's music star, Winnie Nwagi in photo shoot.

Smack Students Defend Winnie Nwagi

Winnie Nwagi recently came under attack from the public due to her dabbing tactics that left senior six high school student’s of SMACK over joyed and a little confused and now they’re defending her actions.

According to recent reports by Big Eye, the St Mary’s College Kisubi S.6 students are not happy with how things turned out and are saying that the public are over reacting and being over-judgemental. This follows the public’s reaction over Winnie Nwagi’s sensual performance and dabs during her concert in Kisubi.

Swangz Avenue recently sent out a press release apologising on behalf of their star but the SMACK students weren’t happy with it and claimed that her performance at the school wasn’t in anyway indecent and was normal.

“We don’t see anything wrong. This is how concerts have always been at SMACK. That is how we dance with our female artistes. It doesn’t mean we are spoilt. It is just single boys having some fun. These people on social media just have kajanja. For us we had even already booked Winnie Nwagi for three other shows. We even want Desire Luzinda to do even more when she comes along,” the students revealed to Big Eye.

The apology sent by Swangz Avenue read;

We deeply regret the inappropriate performance by Winnie Nwagi at St Mary’s College Kisubi on July 13th. We have investigated the incident and measures have been put in place to avoid a repeat of the same.

This was a huge error in judgment and both the Artist and the management team acknowledge the pain and mistrust caused by this incident. We apologize to the general public, parents of the students in attendance and the school Administration.

Let’s hope that Swangz Avenue doesn’t ban all its female artists from performing in schools after this incident. Only time will tell.

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Smack Students Defend Winnie Nwagi 1

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