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Spice Diana Attacks Vinka’s Marriage Makes Provocative Comments

Spice Diana recently made some provocative comments towards Vinka, attacking her relationship and marriage and claiming how it won’t last. We’re not sure whether this was out of jealousy or it was just banter between the two music artists.

According to reports by Celeb Patrol, Spice Diana said: “I will get into a serious relationship if Vinka’s marriage lasts long”. She went ahead and added: “I look at my sister Vinka as an inspiration in this thing of marriage, I am watching her and will keep going to her for advice when my time comes,”.

Hajara Namukwaya aka Spice Diana looks up to Veronicah Lugya aka Vinka for inspiration when it comes to matters regarding marriage and relationships she claims. Given the tone of her statement, it sounds more like an attack towards the Love Panic hit singer.

Regardless of how the comment sounds, one should note that Spice Diana has for a long time been rumoured to be dating her manager, Lubega Roger though she has continuously claimed there is nothing going on and they’re just business partners.

‘Even I have lines that I can’t cross’, she said when she opened up about her relationship with Roger according to the Matooke Republic.

When it comes to marriage, there is no clear indication that Spice is anywhere close to achieving that feat yet, despite the countless reports about her being a muyayu (wild person), she is brave enough to make such comments towards Vinka.

According to Spice, she does not want to ‘rush’ into any romance and that she is waiting to see how Vinka manages to pull through with her marriage.

Vinka recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl and also married Witta Nelson, an NRM politician last year after formalising their relationship in a beautiful kukyala.

What does Spice Diana’s comments towards Vinka mean?

Vinka hasn’t responded to Spice’s comments yet, and probably she won’t since she is now a wife and a mother with more serious responsibilities to deal with at the moment aside from her career as a music artist.

Frankly, there could be something many of us are missing in those statements and probably she is just being Spice but none the less, there would have been a better way to say it if she actually meant well for Vinka.

However, if one is to look at the statements plainly, there is definitely malice and ill intent behind them. Also, most of her recent songs have been mostly about finding love and goes ahead to show that she desperately wants to find the man of her life or woman in that matter. You never know.

In recent years, Spice has been linked to having had a relationship with Eddy Kenzo, King Saha and was once alleged to be sleeping with Weasel, which she said wasn’t true at all. “I am not sleeping with Weasel but also, whoever I am dating is my personal business,” she said at the time.

So, what are thoughts on this? Do you think Spice is barking at the wrong tree? Let us know about your opinions in the comment section, we love to hear them.


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