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Donald Trump Beats Hillary Clinton Again in Electoral College

This year, 2016 has been a bloody year in Uganda and around the world, many broke, elections not going as planned for many and it won’t get any better for some especially those that hate Trump. President elect Donald Trump just won the electoral collage on Monday morning beating Hillary Clinton again.

Electors were flooded with emails and phone calls not to support the billionaire but sadly only two republicans voted against him. Trump got 3o4 votes against Hillary who received 227 votes, another landslide victory that secured him as the 45th President of the United States of America.

Five of poor Hillary’s electors betrayed her when three voted for ex-Secretary of State, Colin Powell, one for a Native-American tribal leader and another for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

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The electoral college result will be officially announced on 6 January in a special joint session of Congress.

Beef between the Clintons and Trump tightened when Bill Clinton after giving his vote for his wife lashed out at Trump especially for him calling them to have a chat after the election.


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Mr. Clinton blamed his wife’s loss in the election on FBI Director James Comey for reopening an inquiry into her emails whereas most people are blaming the Russians hackers for influencing the results.

Millions of Americans had signed an online petition that Mr Trump is unfit for the Oval Office, while anti-Trump protesters gathered at state capitols across the country but all this won’t help them either way – Trump is here to stay.

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Protests have broken out since Monday in America. In Pennsylvania, more than 200 demonstrators braved sub-zero temperatures, chanting: “No treason, no Trump!”

In Maine, protesters beat drums and waved signs saying: “Don’t let Putin Pick Our President.”

In Madison, Wisconsin, demonstrators cried.

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