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Explosive Defused in Norway

Police in downtown Oslo, the capital of Norway, defused an explosive device found in a very busy area on Saturday night.

Norway has been on high alert after a truck went through the Swedish capital of Stockholm killing 4 people and injuring at least 15. Swedish police arrested a 39 year old suspected Uzbekistan native in relation to the attack.

Every restaurant and bar near by the area where the bomb was found was closed and people evacuated. Those indoors were told by heavily armoured police to stay inside.

Police Officer stands guard in Oslo Norway after incident - Spur Magazine
Police Officer stands guard in Oslo Norway after incident | Image: Seattle Times

The explosive device had been left on the street a short distance away from the Groenland underground station.


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A suspect has already been arrested by the police but they wouldn’t reveal any further information about the person nor the device.

Europe has fallen prey to a lot of terror attacks in the recent months almost similar to this one either involving knives, explosives or cars/trucks such as in Nice, France (July 2016); Ohio, United States (November 2016); Berlin, Germany (December 2016); London UK (March 2017); Atwerp, Belgium (March 2017) andd Stockholm, Sweden (April 2017).

US and Europe’s increase in the war in Syria might not make the times ahead any simpler or safer.

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