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Dr. Stella Nyanzi in Prison for Pair of Buttocks

Dr. Stella Nyanzi has been a big trending topic in news, social circles and even on social media especially Twitter with the hashtag #FreeStellaNyanzi after the lecturer was arrested on Saturday 7th April, 2017 and held at Kiira Road Police station unceremoniously.

Dr. Stella is a medical anthropologist and has been an academic researcher at Makerere University before she was fired for lashing out at the First Lady, Janet Museveni who accused her of interfering with her work as the Minister of Education and Sports when she solicited and donated sanitary pads to girls in schools.

Nyanzi fired back at the First Lady for failing to fulfill her promise to provide the girls who can’t afford the sanitary pads in schools. She often uses her Facebook account to send poetic messages or to express her views on the deteriorating political and economic situation in that country.

She was taken to Buganda Road Magistrate Court today at around 1p.m under heavy security, journalists were initially denied entry into the court.

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What was the charge?

Breaching the Cyber harassment under section 24 (1)(2)(a) of the Computer misuse Act 2011 and offensive communication under section 25 of the Computer Misuse Act 2011.

Stella Nyanzi is accused of posting on her Facebook page and referring to the Uganda President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and others as “a pair of buttocks”. The government claims this was obscene.

If found guilty for these charges she will be sent to prison for at least one to two years in prison, or 24 currency points or both. The accused pleaded not guilty and stated all her posts are merely metaphoric.

TheMagistrate, James Eremye adjourned her case to 25th April meaning Nyanzi will spend at least 14 days in Luzira Maximum Prison until the case is heard.

These ironic and conservative developments have led to a stirred up an incredibly funny discussion on Twitter under the hashtag #PairOfButtocks. President Museveni’s regime and Dr. Stella Nyanzi will clearly be remembered for this drama world over.

Sources: Uganda Police | NTV | Uganda Constitution

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