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Radio & Weasel Dump Wizkid

Based on reports by Red Pepper, Wizkid received a big no from the two Ugandan stars when he approached them for a deal to join his music label company.

The Nigerian star wanted to sign up the duo under his label Starboy Entertainment but he received back lash when Radio & Weasel dumped his small head.

The two artists claim that Wizkid is too young to manage them and are older than him. They don’t want a young child telling them what to do.

Wizkid is probably in tears not forgetting his record of ditching concerts and causing sponsors losses. He recently let Uganda down when he failed to show up for a big concert leaving a bad rep with the Ugandan fans.

Sorry Wizkid, but you’re still too young to deserve a collabo with our big stars. Go home.

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Author: Allan Bangirana

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