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Apple to Launch a Do-it-yourself Repair Program for iPhones and Macs In 2022

Tech giant Apple is planning a surprising move next year as it will be publishing repair manuals that allow its everyday customers to buy certified parts and tools so as repair their iPhones and Macs.

According to Apple, the move will give their users a chance to buy the same parts and tools certified technicians and repair shops use when fixing their products.

For a while now, a lot of repair advocates have been asking Apple to publish repair manuals and offer access to replacement parts, which has been a difficult thing to do more so for those in countries that don’t have certified technicians and repair shops readily available to them.

In most cases, if you damaged your iPhone screen you had very limited options to fix it which meant either going to Apple for replacement parts, which of course came at a hefty price for some or you could choose any of the authorized repair providers within your region to do so.

There is also the option of using an alternative repair store that is able to do repairs for you which sometimes came with a lot of issues especially if the technicians are not certified to do repairs or you end up with fake parts.

However, count your prayers answered as starting next year, Apple is going to offer you the chance to do some repairs yourself, too.

Apple to begin a Self Service Repair Program to allow customers to buy parts

A new program, called Self Service Repair, will allow customers to buy parts from Apple for their products and perform repairs at home. Apple said it will also publish repair manuals online and offer tools to buy at the same prices authorized repair technicians to pay.

“Creating greater access to Apple genuine parts gives our customers even more choice if a repair is needed,” Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, said in a statement.

The move has been welcomed by many since the tech giant is historically known for restricting access to parts and repair manuals, as well as diagnostic and calibration apps, to its “authorized repair programs.”

Growing pressure from advocates has pushed the tech giant and other companies to open their service manuals, parts and tools to the public. Earlier this year, President Joe Biden issued an executive order calling on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the issue.

In July, the FTC voted to take aim at manufacturer practices “that make it extremely difficult for purchasers to repair their products or shop around for other service providers to do it for them.”

The Self-Service Repair program is expected to begin next year with more than 200 parts and tools to help customers complete the most common repairs on the iPhone 12 and 13 respectively.

Apple plans to expand its program to include recently released Mac computers powered by the company’s M1 chip. The program is largely aimed at out-of-warranty repairs since the company typically covers them otherwise.


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Apple to Launch a Do-it-yourself Repair Program for iPhones and Macs In 2022 1

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