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Fik Fameica’s Muko Video Hits 55000 Views In Just 2 Days

Fik Fameica’s Muko video which dropped just a few days ago, has risen up pretty quickly with recent YouTube stats revealing a total of over 55,000 views in just 2 days.

The Afro-beat star features Lydia Jazmine in the exciting video which has attracted a lot of attention giving the video a huge boost in the last 48 hours.

There have also been unconfirmed reports about Fameica and Jazmine being an item given the fact that two have been strangely close and that the Muko song is like a direct proposal from Fik to her.

The song is titled ‘Muko’ which is a Luganda word that translates to ‘in law’, and its exactly what the song is all about. Fik makes his intentions known to the in law about his feelings over a certain lady he likes.

Muko could dethrone Fik’s recent ‘Tell Me’ video released last year in November

Fik Fameica released ‘Tell Me’, which is one of his best works from last year and currently holds 242,200 views, but Muko could close in the next few months depending on how its received by the fans.

The song has a distinct Nigerian type of vibe beat and Fik Fameica does what he does best with his lyrical style. The video is directed by Jordan Hoechlin and produced and distributed under Fresh Gang Entertainment and CTBC Films.

Watch the Muko video by Fik Fameica right here;


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Fik Fameica’s Muko Video Hits 55000 Views In Just 2 Days 1

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