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Mali Spiderman Saves Young Boy in France

A Malian immigrant, Mamoudou Gassama on Saturday climbed more than four storeys to save a dangling 4 year old boy who was about to fall from a building.

It is unclear how the boy ended up in this situation, but Mamoudou says he was passing by the street in Paris in the evening when he saw a large crowd outside the building. He told the President of France, Mr. Emmanuel Macron that he didn’t have time to think, but just got the urge to run and save him.

The crowd cheered him on as he tackled floor balcony after balcony like a movie. Many have called him “Spiderman”.

The French President called him to the Elysee Palace to hear his story and personally thank him. He gave him a medal for courage, offered him naturalized citizenship and a role in the fire department.

Mr. Gassama is very God fearing and came to France in 2017 on a boat crossing into Europe over the Mediterranean.

He has been thanked by the Paris Mayor, Anne Hidalgo, the boy’s father and many others. Indeed, he is a true hero, but please don’t try his feat at home.

You Can Watch the Video:

Source: BBC

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