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Marvel Studios Is Moving Forward with Deadpool 3

The year 2020 has surely had some bad moments but at least we have a reason to celebrate as Deadpool 3 is moving forward at Marvel Studios with Ryan Reynolds expected to reprise his role as the Merc with a mouth.

According to Screen Rant, Marvel Studios is currently looking for a pair of writers to push the project through given the fact that the Deadpool franchise has made a lot of money for the studio and also, it was ranked as one of the highest-grossing R-rated movies of all time.

The decision to greenlight the R-rated superhero movie came after a leaked demo reel that generated huge buzz online surfaced. Twentieth Century Fox is definitely not going to let go of this opportunity and is ready to back up Deadpool 3.

In 2018, when the studio released Deadpool 2, it had plans of making a third film including an X-Force spinoff after that but their plans came to a standstill after Disney acquired Fox’s film studio in a huge buyout.

The deal meant that the film’s rights had to be reverted to Marvel Studios which made many to wonder whether there would be a Deadpool 3 or an end to the action-comedy franchise that gathered lots of fans.

However, it doesn’t seem to be the case anymore with new reports suggesting a third film is soon on its way. One also has thank Reynolds’ who played a crucial part in keeping the hope alive for Deadpool 3 by teasing meetings with Marvel Studios.

Marvel Studios agrees to Deadpool 3

According to Deadline, Reynolds is set to return as Wade Wilson for Deadpool 3. The upcoming sequel will not be written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, who penned the first two films. Instead, Marvel is reportedly hiring Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin to write the script.

The Molyneux sisters are best known for their work on Bob’s Burgers, where they are writers and executive producers. Deadpool 3 is not officially greenlit just yet, but Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is involved with the upcoming project.

Of course, the movie is expected to remain R-rated keeping up with the tone that was in the previous films, something the fans were worried about as they thought Disney would turn it into a PG-13 rated movie.

However, what remains as the biggest question for fans is whether the new movie will be based on another MCU universe or it will give Reynolds a chance to explore stories outside it, which could give the franchise a chance to go on further.

Deadpool 2 ended with Wade Wilson time travelling, so perhaps Deadpool 3 will feature him accidentally going to a new timeline and help the MCU introduce mutants.


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